Jay Smack VO
Commercial, characters, narration, e-learning, deep, not-so-deep, guy-next-door, warm, documentary, I’ve seen, heard and voiced it all.  I’m also an engineer and mixer.  So, with perspective from both sides of the mixing desk, I can be your go-to voice guy and make your job easy because I get what writers are saying, what producers are after and I love taking direction.  Give your vision a voice. 
  1. Commercial Radio 0:13
  2. Commercial Radio 0:41
  3. Radio Imaging 0:09
  4. Documentary - Character 0:27
  5. E-Learning 0:17
  6. Healthcare Radio 0:24
  7. Online Spot 0:32
  8. Jay Smack VO Reel Jay Smack 1:37


A recent spot for Keller Williams Realty.